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Vladimir Pavlovich Kovtun
ul. Glinki 6-12
196601 Pushkin / St.Petersburg
Russian Federation

Register of commerce in Pushkin / St.Petersburg:
N2295,  ОГРН: 304782035700015  dated  21.02.1996

Brief description

Manufacturer, researcher, inventor and discoverer
of Cylinders of the Pharaoh.

Owner of patents and Trade Marks worldwide.


V.P. Kovtun - the scientist with a doctorate in physics and mathematics, writer, painter with art exhibitions in St.Petersburg, Isvar (in the House Museum of Nikolaj Rerich), Krakov, Poznan, Tbilisi. Author of 30 scientific works on physics of plasma, separation of isotopes and in theory of critical condition of the matter. His books are: "A great secret of Hermes" ("The fascinating world of physics", St. Petersburg, Delta 1997) and "Cylinders of the pharaoh", Bratislava, Ariadna 1999. He researches the phenomenon of Cylinders of the Pharaohs for over 40 years.